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Cape hillsborough

Have you ever seen a sunrise and thought 'Right, not sure how or when I'll see one that will top that'? These are the exact words that came out of my mouth after venturing out to Cape Hillsborough. Located 50km north-west of Mackay, QLD surrounded by rocky headlands, dense rainforest, a beach with kangaroos/wallabies and a sunrise that will be forever competing with every other sunrise you've seen.

There are two ways of doing Cape Hillsborough. The way we did it; wake up at 4am then drive from Mackay to the beach and be completely immersed in the sunrise OR be one step ahead and book a stay at the Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park (I suggest getting in early because it does tend to fill up pretty quickly). This way gives you the best chance to witness what Cape Hillsborough has to offer. Wake up to watch the sunrise shine down over Wedge Island and watch the freshly woken kangaroos and wallabies have breakfast.

Head back to camp to have some of your own brekky and a(nother) coffee. After getting some food in your belly, you can now make your way up to Turtle Lookout, a steepish 500m climb but the views are well worth it. I was told about this place by a traveller passing through and I'm extremely grateful they did. Now here's me returning the favour to anyone who reads this and passing this gorgeous spot on.

For more information about this haven, head to:-

- Riley



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